Silkscreen Training Modules

  1. Design & Artwork Origination
    • Design for the printing process
    • Colour Separation
    • Trapping. – overlap
    • Half-tones. LPI, DPI Quality
    • Positives. Laser film, vinyl & acetate, Laser image setter
  2. Screen Preparation
    • Screen selection. – Mesh count, Colour, size.
    • Cleaning & De-greasing. Correct use of chemicals.
    • Scouring or roughing. Screen abrader chemicals.
    • Applying Emulsion. Thickness, drying, heat.
    • Exposing. – Light Sources, point light source, distance & time, Ultra Violet content, Sun Exposure, step wedge test.
    • Developing
    • Trouble shooting
  3. Screen Set-up
    • Registration Marks
    • Snap-off
    • Squeegee selection & setup.
    • Ink selection
  4. Printing
    • Ink preparation
    • Print stroke
    • Flood stroke
    • Drying
    • Quality control
    • Trouble shooting
  5. Reclaiming of the screen
    • Remove emultion. Pregasol ep3 – correct way of using. Cautions – do not let it dry on the screen.
    • Removal of ghost images. Pregan Paste & Pregan C4 – correct way of using. Cautions – use chemical resistant gloves.
  6. Multi Colour Printing
    • Registration
    • Squeegee Pressure
  7. Full Colour Printing
    • Full colour screen requirements
    • Sequence of colours
    • Colour adjustments
  8. General
    • Substrates
    • Fine Detail
    • Safety Precautions

Who We Are

Delta7 cc is a specialist screenprinting & dye-sublimation company in Pretoria since 1986. We create high quality branded products and offer support services to screenprinters that cover all aspects of the process. All chemicals, inks and hardware associated with the industry are available ex-stock. This, together with excellent service, technical advice and training, based on years of experience makes us the logical choice as the partner for your silkscreen printing endeavor.

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